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Rescue 7 is a medium/heavy rescue built on a 1993 Pierce Dash chassis. Rescue 7 is outfitted with a wide variety of tools to help us prepare for any rescue situation that may arise in Wallingford. The truck has a built in 25KVW generator that powers the light mast and electrical tools on board. A pneumatic light mast extends from the center of the truck, providing 360 degrees of lighting when needed. We carry a Hurst hydraulic rescue system, with both an electric pump and a portable gasoline driven unit. A preconnected Hurst Transformer spreader system with interchangable jaws handle most of our spreading needs, while a preconnected "o" cutter does cutting duties. Our original set of spreaders, purchased by North Farms volunteers now serve as a backup unit. Rams in 20" 30" and 60" sizes supplement the hydraulic system. A selection of sawzalls in both cordless and corded versions are ready to be used in rescue/extrication situations as well. An airbag system carried on the truck is being updated this year with a new system from Paratech with airstrut/trench rescue capabilities. High angle and confined space equipment is also carried in the rescue. Aside from its techincal rescue duties, Rescue 7 responds to all structure fires in Wallingford as the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). Company 7 takes this role serioiusly and through fundraising has outfitted the truck with the tools to handle the job. A Scott Eagle thermal imaging camera, a RIT rescue airpack, Hydra-Ram and other assorted tools are used for this purpose. 4 gas powered saws, hand tools, air tools, and cribbing equipment are all carried on R7. A trailer hitch on R7 allows us to tow a 14' aluminum boat to all water/ice rescue scenes. We carry 4 ice rescue suits for these types of calls. A new inflatable ice rescue boat and ice rescue suit will be arriving this year. An AED (automatic external defibrillator) is in place on the truck allowing us to provide rapid lifesaving treatment to victims in cardiac distress. Rescue 7 reponds first due to all EMS and MVA calls in the North Farms area as well as townwide to any special rescue, extrication, ice/water rescue, and all structure fires.


The new jaws carried with 32" arms installed.